Jubilee of the 15th anniversary of SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs - what makes exhibitors keep choosing them?


The market of industrial trade fairs in Poland is very broad, several of them are held annually at EXPO Krakow alone. Some of the events focus on a single sector, others bring together multiple industries in one place. What are the reasons that exhibitors keep choosing SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs? As it turns out - there are many of them. Firstly, it is the only trade fair in Poland and CEE aimed at the bulk materials industry and maintenance departments. Secondly, it is visited by specialized, high-quality customers from various industries. Finally, exhibitors appreciate the high level of organization and the lower cost of participation compared to similar trade fairs. Exhibitors have already reserved more than 50% of the exhibition space for this year's edition, which will be held on 16-17 October 2024 at EXPO Krakow.


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What is unique about the SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs?

Among this year's exhibitors are: VEGA Poland, KAESER KOMPORESSOREN, Netecs, Biko-Serwis and Techmont. What benefits do representatives of these companies see in participating in the event?

- VEGA Poland will be an exhibitor at SYMAS® for the third consecutive year. We consider the previous editions, in 2022 and 2023, to be very successful - our booth was visited by a large number of participants, at times exceeding our expectations. Importantly, these were people with a strong interest in new technologies, with a lot of knowledge and specific expectations regarding technical solution - replied Patrycja Gutowska from VEGA Poland.

- An unquestionable advantage of SYMAS® is the presence of customers from various industries. Other events in which we participate are strictly industry-specific, e.g. energy, aggregates, cement and lime, etc., while at SYMAS® everyone of them are present - says Błażej Bujak, Managing Director of Techmont.

- The SYMAS® trade fair is the largest event of its kind on the trade fair map of the country and is therefore the best opportunity to gain business relations with Polish companies - believes Piotr Dowgalski from Biko-Serwis.

- SYMAS® MAINTENANCE trade fair is distinguished by a higher awareness of visitors. It is a trade fair for specialists. Compared to similar trade fairs, they are also characterized by lower participation costs - says Robert Ryt from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN Sp. z o. o.

- We have been exhibiting at the trade fair for the 3rd year and we see that there is growing interest in the event. It was and is worthwhile to present ourselves, as trade fair visitors are a group of people with specific questions or problems. Having a rich portfolio of products, we can propose a specific product for the customer's needs and solve the problem, establish contacts that result in further cooperation - replied Patrycja Pietruska, Sales and Environmental Specialist from Netecs.

Industry meets in Krakow

Two events are better than one, but we already know that. For years, the combination of SYMAS® and MAINTENANCE trade fairs has created a perfect synergy and made the event respond to the needs of most industrial companies in Poland. This year we are going one step further. At the same time - 16 and 17 October 2024 - the 13th International Trade Fair for Composite Materials, Technologies and Products KOMPOZYT-EXPO® will also be held at EXPO Krakow, so we can expect more visitors from the composites, construction, automotive or chemical industries.
An important trend in the trade fair industry is to increase interactivity, so we encourage exhibitors to hold practical demonstrations during the trade fair. We have prepared a special zone for them, where they will additionally be able to present the work of their machines and equipment in the form of an open, interactive demonstrations.
Of course, networking remains the most important element of the trade fair. After the first day, exhibitors will have the opportunity to establish new relationships during an integrative industry evening.

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Trends and challenges in the industry

Trade fairs are always a reflection of what's happening in the industry. Exhibitors already have their suspicions about what will particularly catch our attention at the upcoming trade fair in October. They also know exactly how to respond to the changing conditions. - With the tightening of EU environmental regulations on emissions standards, more emphasis should be placed on this aspect of manufacturing in the industry. In this matter, we have a rich experience offering modern tailored solutions with convenient forms of financing and fast and trouble-free implementation. Our installations are often designed in such a way that they do not require permits and permissions, e.g. building permits, which significantly shortens the implementation of pro-environmental solutions in our customers' enterprises - says Piotr Dowgalski from Biko-Serwis.

VEGA Polska offers reliable measurement solutions. As Patrycja Gutowska says - Measuring the level of bulk materials involves many challenges, often taking place in difficult process conditions, at extreme temperatures and in high dust, so finding a reliable measurement solution is particularly important here. During the two days at the booth, we were able to demonstrate live the operation of our level measurement radar probes, which are perfect for various types of bulk material applications.

Book your booth by the end of May

Interest in this year's edition is particularly high, with more than half of the space already taken up in February. Therefore, we encourage you to apply now, which will guarantee a good location and allow you to take advantage of the promotional price offer until the end of May.

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